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  • Earn 20 Cents In Reward Credits For every $1 spent in advertising!
  • Rotate your ad to reach the maximum number of local consumers...Digital Newspaper distributed to subscribers, Community Newspaper distributed to racks in hundreds of high-traffic locations, Coupon Books, Mobile Ads & Coupons, Email Offers...and more!
  • Use your Reward Credits toward products and services that help promote your business, increase your profits and SAVE MONEY!
  • Once per year, you may trade remaining reward credits for your choice of 100's of National Gift Cards

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**Remember, when you advertise in at least 6 of our print publications you receive reward credits that you may apply toward ANYTHING we offer on our site.  If we are offering it, we have used it ourselves with success and feel your business will benefit from it. Many of them give you a FREE trial or FREE gift.  But if there is a charge, you can use your Bargain Browser Advertising Credits toward any purchase. DIRECTIONS:  If you purchase one of the third-party products or programs from our site, all you have to do is email or fax your receipt to us and we will rebate any credits you may have accumulated in the form of additional advertising (either upgrade in ad size or additional issues), promotional products of your choice, a check, payment to your paypal account or your choice of any available national brand gift cards (such as Walmart, Target, Home Depot, etc.)

Business Goals

Success Begins With Knowing

What You Want & How To Get It!

Personal Goals

Business Success Often Depends On

Confidence, Attitude & Persistance!

11 Fogotten Laws

Makes the Law of Attraction an Unbreakable Force

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Target Your Market

Digital, Newsstand & Direct Mail Distribution

Calls & Text Broadcasts

Keep your sales team & customers informed of special sales in seconds

Free Assessment

Explore the key to success by discovering

your personal strengths and vulnerabilities

Attitude Adjustment

Step out of your own way & find success in life & business

Shatter your limitations

Stop Sabotaging Your Own Success & Achieve Dreams

Free Video Course

Receive this life-changing 5-day video course absolutely FREE!

Personal Tools

Direct Mail Marketing

Postcards, Letters, Coupons, Brochures, Newsletters equal $$$

  • QUALIFY - Don't learn the tricks of the trade... learn the trade!  We begin with 30 simple questions to help qualify your overall business and personal goals, strengths, shortcomings, daily business practices, inventory, customers, and competitors in order to build an effective marketing program.
  • ADJUST - Many of the issues identified through the qualifying process can quickly be corrected through small, affordable adjustments that often have a significant impact to profitablity and cash-flow.
  • TRACK - Tracking quickly identifies what IS and is NOT working. This, in turn, enables you to increase your average sale and frequency of sales while decreasing poor inventory choices... ultimately leading to better profits and cash-flow.​

Our 6 Steps To Success

Stop letting the tail wag the dog! ​


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Combo Marketing Package

Gift Card

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Combo Ad Package

Free "Stuff"

Find Out How To Get FREE Marketing & Advertising Products & Services! 

Our Advertisers receive FREE Promotional Products, Print Materials, Web Design, Mobile Advertising, Business Forms, Signs & Banners, Gift Cards...and more... Learn How NOW!

Step 2 - Advertise

Local, Regional, even National Ads.  Print, Digital, TV, Radio, etc.

Email Marketing

Increase sales by keeping current and potential customers informed

Step 1 - 25 Questions

Uncover what you are doing right & what you should improve upon

Target Your Market

Rather than "shotgunning" your advertising and marketing through volume distribution to potentially useless geographic areas, we take the time to qualify your needs, identify your target market and aim to meet your immediate financial goals.

Our "6 Step To Succuss Process" begins with a simple questionnaire that seems to surprise most business owners by how much they actually learn about their own business!  

Normally, we are able to identify several small changes that can quickly and affordably impact their bottom-line profits and cash-flow while responding to their most urgent personal and business goals.   

 ​Debbie Mattingly,

VP Sales & Marketing

Truth is, it's either feast or famine for most small business owners.  When business is good, they are too busy running their business to bother with advertising and marketing.  When business is slow, they realize they may have waited too long and are desperate for cash-flow!  Round and Round they go year after year!  The solution is simply to pick a plan that fits your budget and stick to it year round.

Advertise in a combination of

6 print & 6 digital publications

Receive your usual 20 cents per $1 spent


Choose 1/8 or 1/4 Page Display Ad


2 Other Marketing Services

  • Email Campaign (min. 500)
  • Direct Mail Campaign (min. 500)
  • Promotional Products (min. may apply)
  • Social Media Campaign
  • Mobile Site Ad/Coupon Campaign 

​                     Receive your usual

                       20 cents per $1 spent


Connecting Businesses & Consumers:  Local, Regional & National Advertising!

Stop letting the tail wag the dog! ​

  • Reach 30,000 Viewers Nationwide
  • FREE Classified Locally & Nationwide
    • Runs for 30 days
    • Free renewal to max 90 days
    • Display up to 3 Photos + 1 Video
  • FREE Email Account
  • Read Testimonials

Take A Look At Some

​Helpful Business & Personal Growth Tools

Many Are FREE + Find How To Receive All Of The Programs FREE!

  • DECIDE -The tragedy of life isn't failing to reach your goal. It's in not having one to reach.  Decide what you want, decide what you're willing to exchange for it. The only thing standing between you and your goal is your decision to maintain the attitude to succeed.
  • FOCUS - Successful entrepreneurs have the ability to focus their attention on important projects and see them through. This is the secret to getting things done. Once their priorities are set, successful businesspeople refuse to switch from task to task randomly.
  • PERSIST - He who has a WHY to live can bear almost any HOW!  Once you decide what you want and have focused on the priorities of getting the job done all that is left is pure persistence! It's been said a thousand times and a thousand ways... persistence pays.

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